Bioinstrumentation Development Specialist


The successful candidate will support the development and delivery of a bioprocessing and analysis system for use in a microgravity space flight environment.  The system will perform tissue disruption: DNA/RNA/Protein isolation and real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) amplification and analysis.  The instruments to be selected will be based on their performance in microgravity, reliability, accuracy, and their compatibility with the project schedule and budgets.  The individual will support trade studies of existing commercial and non-commercial off the shelf hardware; hardware systems level concept, design studies, operational concept development, requirements definition, sustaining system level logistics, meetings, presentations, and report production. The individual shall also support the flight hardware development process by assisting with the documentation of the design, fabrication, assembly, and procedures.  It would be beneficial to have experience with Pre-Phase A products, study approach, schedule, understanding of engineering and science requirements definition and implementation, mission requirements, on-orbit access, launch and landing, hardware liability, systems safety and mission assurance. The successful candidate will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related science or engineering discipline and hands-on experience with the PCR instrumentation and an understanding of basic fluid mechanics.  A master’s level candidate is preferred.


Al Howard <>

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