Encuentros 2010: Integrating Chilean Research Woldwide


The Encuentros 2010 Conference aims to consolidate the implementation of scientific collaborations between Chilean investigators in Europe and their counterparts in Chile, both in academia and in industry. For this fourth version of Encuentros, we expect to be honoured by the presence of distinguished personalities such as Nobel Prizes winners from the University of Cambridge, Chilean and European government authorities, Nature journal editors, and renowend chilean and european scientists.

The conference takes place in English, lasts for three days, and aims to gather a total of 200 investigators at the University of Cambridge, of which 150 will be young Chilean researchers. This year’s version will include twelve sessions covering medical sciences, life sciences, engineering, physics, math, industrial processes, renewable energies, and social sciences. Each session will combine expositions from renowned international investigators and young scientists.

During the conference, round-table discussions about relevant topics such as how to speed up research in Chile through better international cooperation or how to re-integrate chilean researchers who are investigating on high-impact centers overseas, will take place.

In addition, poster presentations with the work of at least 100 young researchers will be interspersed during the coffee breaks. On the other hand, social activities such as a formal dinner, a city tour, and a trip on the traditional rowboats through the River Cam will also be incorporated to promote the interaction and friendship among the participants.

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