Post-doctoral position in HIV and the RNA interference pathway


A 2 years post-doctoral position is open in the team of Stéphane Emiliani, «Interactions Hôte-Virus», within INSERM U1016 at Institut Cochin, Paris, France. Molecular characterization of RISC (RNA Induced Silencing Complex) involved in HIV-1 replication
Several lines of evidence point to a connexion between the miRNA induced silencing pathway and HIV-1 replication. In particular, the knock-down of several proteins of the RNAi pathway lead to an enhancement in HIV-1 replication.
The aim of our project is to identify the miRISC (micro-RNA induced silencing complex) components, proteins and RNAs, that interact with the viral RNA and modulate HIV-1 replication.
Post-doctoral candidates should have a strong background in biochemistry and molecular biology. He/she will work in bl3 core facility and manipulate HIV-1 infected cells. Knowledge in the miRNA and/or HIV fields will be an asset.
Application deadline : 31st of April 2011

The funding (ANRS – French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral hepatitis ) is available for a two-years period starting asap. Application, including CV, detailed statement of skills and research interest, list of publications, and 2-3 references, should be sent to Sarah Gallois-Montbrun, the project leader. e-mail : Phone : +33140516576

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