Postdoc/RA position in Michigan


A postdoc/research associate position is available in stem cell biology and regeneration in Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI. This position requires a PhD in cell biology or molecular biology or other relevant biomedical sciences in relevance to stem cell biology and regenerative medicine for cardiovascular diseases. A person with Masters/Bachelors with more than 4 yrs research experience in the field will also be considered. The person will study the fate of cardiac stem cells in heart failure after diabetes, MI and hypertension and try to activate enzyme/targets to boost cardiac regeneration. In particular, he/she will study the role of aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDH) and protein kinase C (PKC) isozymes in oxidative stress-induced stem cell aging in cardiac pathologies. Hands on experience with above in vivo models are not required, but preferred.  Therefore, the person needs to co-ordinate with the physiologist in the lab for translating the cell biological findings into whole animal studies.The person must be very well trained in standard cell biological assays for characterization of stem cells, stemness, pluripotency, differentiation and proof of regeneration. He/She should have at least 2 first author papers in peer-reviewed journals in the field of stem cells and regeneration or cell biology. The project employ techniques that include isolation of stem cells from hearts or other tissue, cellular imaging, flow cytometric analysis, FACS sorting, RT-PCR, cell proliferation assays, cell death and apoptotic assays, transfection, reporter gene expression, oxidative stress sensing, sub cellular fractionation, mitochondrial functional assays, protein biochemistry like immunoblotting, immunoprecipatation and immunostaining.

We provide a lot of opportunity to advance your career. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary research environment and spearhead this project. A committed person with good interpersonal skills, work ethics, record keeping and flexibility will be chosen. He/she should be motivated, self starter and willing to learn new things. Highly competitive compensation will be given.

Southeast Michigan’s suburban areas are beautiful with lakes and greenery as well as a nice multicultural environment to live and thrive. It is a cosmopolitan environment with affordable housing and cost of living. Henry Ford Health System is a preferred employer in this area.

Qualified candidates can send their CV, contact address of professional references and letter of interest to Dr. Suresh Selvaraj Palaniyandi, Senior Staff Investigator, Division of Hypertension and Vascular Research, Department of Medicine, Henry Ford Health System, 2799 W. Grand Blvd, Education and Research Building Room 7044 Detroit, MI 48202.;; Tel: 313 916-7055; Fax: 313 916-8759.

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