Postdoc: University of Richmond


This is an ideal program for minority scientists who have recently obtained a Ph.D. or are finishing a first postdoctoral fellowship at an R1 institution and want to gain valuable teaching experience while continuing to do research and publish.  Having participated in several faculty searches since arriving at Richmond, it is clear to me that without significant teaching experience, candidates will not rise to the top of a search process.  We recently had 85 applicants for a genetics position; we quickly eliminate anyone without strong teaching experience.  The most valued experience seems to be teaching of undergraduates, often at a liberal arts college such as the University of Richmond.

These post-doctoral positions include time for mentored research and mentored teaching.  The pay is generous and our first fellow in Biology is completing her first year in this position and recently received many job offers and has now accepted a faculty position at a respected institution.

These positions can occur in any field—in my lab, a post-doc would participate in ion channel research and teach in one of a variety of courses, with mentoring.  Teaching options include Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Neurophysiology and possibly others.

If you have any minority pre-doctoral or post-doctoral fellows who are considering a career in teaching and research at a liberal arts college, feel free to pass along this information and put them in contact with me. I am particularly interested in fellows who have expertise in patch clamp electrophysiology and want to gain experience in the teaching of undergraduates.

Linda M. Boland, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology Department
Gottwald Science Center, B-100
University of Richmond
Richmond, VA  23173
Office:  804-289-8571
Fax:  804-289-8233

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