Postdoct: Molecular Biotechnology Center, University of Torino (Italy)


Two post-doc positions are currently available funded in part by the Italian Association of Cancer Research (AIRC) and Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP) to work at the Molecular Biotechnology Center, University of Torino (Italy). Please visit our website for more informations.

The research activities will be focused on:
1) Characterization of new molecular pathways involved in pathological angiogenesis.
2) Role of vascular mural stem cells biology in tissue regeneration in zebrafish. Using a set of cellular, molecular, and genetic approaches as well as advanced microscopic techniques we want to elucidate how endothelial and mural cells gene networks cooperate to shape the vascular system and regulate angiogenesis and vascular myogenesis in zebrafish during normal (development) and pathological conditions (cancer). We previously performed a large-scale mutagenesis screen to identify novel genes involved in cardiovascular development and angiogenesis and we identified several mutant lines affecting angiogenesis, endothelial survival and integrity during different phases of vascular development (Jin et al., Dev. Biol. 2007; Santoro et al., Nat. Genet. 2007). Recently, we also characterized vascular mural cells in zebrafish embryos (Santoro et al., Mech Dev. 2009). The laboratory has acquired a strong
experience in molecular and cellular biology of endothelial and mural cells as well as in genetic of
zebrafish. A state-of-art zebrafish facility and advanced stereo/confocal microscopy equipments are available in our laboratory for such biomedical studies.

Details on other research activities and projects are available on the website:

Ideally, the candidates have some experience in molecular and cellular biology. They will exhibit a good team-working attitude, be self-motivated and have a strong interest in pursuing research in a stimulating and competitive field of science.

Positions will be available in 2010. Salary will be determined based on previous experiences and
CV. Applications including a complete curriculum vitae and at least two reference letters should
be addressed to:

Massimo M. Santoro, PhD
Molecular Biotechnology Center
University of Torino, Via Nizza, 52
10126 Torino, ITALY
Phone: +39 011 6706499

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