Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Neural – Systems Level Examinations of Mood and Anxiety Disorders

The Systems Neuroscience and Psychopathology Laboratory under the directionof Dr. Paul Hamilton within the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) seeks a postdoctoral scholar to lead examinations of the neural bases of depressive and anxiety disorders. Specifically, this position entails applying advanced MR-based imaging techniques task-based and resting-state fMRI, brain-blood perfusion protocols, and high-resolution structural imaging to the development and application of neural models of mood and anxiety disorders. This position offers excellent training opportunities in acquisition and analysis of neuroimaging data in the context of a dynamic, interactive, and multidisciplinary research environment. Further, expanding the scope of the position to genetic and micro-biomic analysis and, potentially, transcranial magnetic stimulation, in the context of clinical neuroscience will be supported and encouraged.
LIBR, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a privately and publicly funded, non-profit clinical neuroscience institute that leverages leading talent and neuroimaging, genetics, and bioinformatics technologies to discover the causes and cures for psychiatric disorders.
The successful candidate will have access to mentorship from the LIBR faculty, a group of internationally recognized clinical neuroscientists. Further, this
candidate will have access to LIBR’s state-of-the-art neuroimaging environment that includes a GE 3T MRI scanner, a high-density 128-channel MR-compatible EEG system, as well as a large selection of auxiliary equipment and software for providing multi-sensory fMRI stimulus delivery and response detection.
Qualifications: A Ph.D. or M.D. is required. The successful applicant will be expected to make substantive contributions to the design, implementation, and analysis of groundbreaking research on the biological bases of psychopathology. Further, this applicant will be responsible for contributing to the preparation of grant applications and scientific manuscripts, as well as the presentation of findings at scientific meetings. Applicants should be familiar with UNIX/Linux environments, computer programming, and stimulus presentation software and have some experience with MRI data analyses. Knowledge of functional and structural neuroanatomy and neurotransmitter systems as well as demonstrated passion for un derstanding
mental illness are also desired.
This is a full-time, annually renewable, three-year position that pays $45,000 per year and includes a full benefits package.
Interested candidates should e-mail their c.v. to Dr. Hamilton by April 30th, 2013. Letters of recommendation may be requested subsequently. Please address correspondence to:
J. Paul Hamilton, Ph.D.
Systems Neuroscience and Psychopathology Laboratory
Assistant Professor, LIBR
Assistant Professor, Tulsa School of Community Medicine
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