SENS Foundation is hiring for research center located in Mountain View, CA.


SENS Foundation is hiring for our research center located in Mountain View, CA. We are seeking a team lead for our LysoSENS group to work both on established projects and new independent lysosomal – based research geared towards the SENS mission. (, which contains both intra- and extramural components.Qualified candidates will have a Ph.D. in the chemical/biological sciences and at least 5 years of work experience that must include prior project management experience. Duties will include bench work, management of a small team of lab researchers, the preparation of grant proposals, internal and external progress reports, individual and collaborative publication. The project lead will develop, interpret and implement standards, procedures, and protocols for the LysoSENS research program and may collaborate on determining strategic directions in the research program.

Bench experience should include standard laboratory techniques, including but not limited to standard cell biology/biochem/molecular biology techniques. Good fundamental laboratory skills to include safety, microbial and mammalian cell culture.  Experiments may include cell culture, transfection, organelle (lysosomal) purification and imaging, microscopy, protein production and analysis in addition to supervisory duties.  As a project lead, candidates must have the ability to design, develop and direct experiments that establish the viability of the SENS mission ( and chosen therapeutic goals (

Contact: Gouri Yogalingam <>

Group Leader: Lysosomal Biologist

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