Special Symposium on Applied Evolution


The Center of Rapid Evolution (CORE) at the University of Wisconsin-  Madison is holding the following event.  Everyone interested in rapid  and/or applied evolution is welcome to attend.

Center of Rapid Evolution (CORE), University of Wisconsin, October 1-2, Ebling Auditorium, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Friday, October 1:  Special Keynote talk on Rapid Evolution

3:30 pm            Richard Lenski
Title:  The Dynamics of Phenotypic and Genomic Evolution during a   50,000 Generation Experiment with E. coli

4:30            Discussion


Saturday, October 2:  Public Symposium on Applied Evolution

1:00 pm    Carol Lee:  Rapid evolution of freshwater invaders and   the pathogens they carry

1:30            Irwin Goldman:  Evolution you can taste: crop   domestication and breeding for a hungry planet

2:00            Johanne Brunet:  Escape and establishment of  genetically modified organisms

2:30            Tony Goldberg:  West Nile virus in Chicago: the evolution of a virus in real time with real-world consequences

3:00            Nicole Perna:  Friends and enemies – evolution of bacterial pathogen and nonpathogen genomes

3:30            Mark Berres:  Where did the chicken come from, and where is it going?

4:00        Panel Discussion: How is evolution useful in daily life?


Carol Eunmi Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Center of Rapid Evolution (CORE)
430 Lincoln Drive, Birge Hall
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI  53706


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