Workshop ANIP 15 Enero 2014: “Opening Pathways to Chilean Science”


La Asociación de investigadores de Postgrado (ANIP) está compuesta por chilenos y extranjeros que están realizando un postgrado en Chile, como también por chilenos que están realizando su postgrado en el exterior. Una de las inquietudes más grandes de las personas que se encuentran realizando su postgrado, es la inserción laboral, ya sea en la academia, industria y/o el emprendimiento a través de la innovación y generación de nuevas competencias en el ámbito comercial. Esto ha sido tema de discusión constante en las reuniones de científicos nacionales.

Es por ello que como asociación hemos tomado estas inquietudes y las hemos plasmado en los objetivos principales de este workshop, en el cual se abordarán temas tales como: el perfeccionamiento continuo posterior al postgrado, vías alternativas de cómo enfrentar el mundo laboral fuera de la academia, como aprovechar las competencias adquiridas en el laboratorio y usarlas en el mundo laboral, la correcta elaboración de un Curriculum Vitae para postular a posiciones postdoctorales fuera de Chile y asesoramiento en la elaboración de proyectos de fondos concursables.

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Objetivos de Workshop ANIP:

1. Reunir a científicos chilenos y extranjeros en distintas etapas de desarrollo profesional realizando su postgrado en Chile.

2. Dar a conocer diferentes vías de desarrollo profesional, posterior a la realización de un postgrado.

3. Establecer redes de colaboración entre investigadores de postgrado, en la realización de investigaciones colaborativas.

4. Contribuir a desarrollar políticas de reintegración al país de científicos con experiencia.

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Lauren Celano, MBA

 Lauren Celano is the Founder and CEO of Propel Careers, a life science search and career development firm focused on connecting talented individuals with entrepreneurial innovative life sciences companies.  Prior to Propel Careers, Lauren was a senior account manager for SNBL USA where she worked with emerging biotech companies in Europe, Asia, and the US to help characterize and advance their drug molecules. Prior to SNBL USA, she held business development positions with Aptuit and Quintiles and worked with Absorption Systems as a marketing manager and account manager. She has a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Gettysburg College and an MBA with a focus in the health sector and entrepreneurship from Boston University.  To learn more about Propel Careers, see link:

 Dra. Nancy Levy

 Nancy Levy is the founder and managing partner of BioHealth Management, LLC, a commercial strategy and business development consulting firm based just outside Boston, Massachusetts. She is an expert in aligning corporate, business and scientific goals. She succeeds by driving and implementing customer centric commercialization strategies that dominate the competition. She has extensive start-up and later stage experience, including corporate strategy, development strategy and partnering strategy both in the USA and in Europe. She has built a solid reputation on her broad biopharmaceutical experience base and deep industry knowledge, combined with a strong technical background. Nancy has worked with a wide range of clients, from pre-IPO to mid-market companies, and from venture capitalists to investment bankers. At Millennium Pharmaceuticals she established a successful collaboration with alliance partner, Genentech, to bring a Phase II product with potential first drug in indication to market. Nancy served for four years as President and CEO of Immunetics, a medical devices company located in Cambridge, MA where she raised three rounds of financing and managed the processes for the first FDA products. At Genzyme she built a clinical devices business, including the purchase, integration, and management of a German infectious disease company. She is on the board of Acceleration Pharmaceuticals and The LaVoie Group, as well as a member of Newton-Wellesley Hospital Board of overseers. Other Honors include: featured entrepreneur in the Wall Street Journal, Closing the Gender Gap, and first place in Business Plan contest, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences including a recent conference in Barcelona entitled IP, Licensing and Value Creation.  She is an adjunct professor at the Boston University School of Management where she created and is teaching an over-view course on the biotechnology and medical device industry. Nancy has been on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, where she also did her fellowship. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

 Dr. Dana Ono

Dana’s experience includes over 20 years of senior management in public and private biotech companies. Most recently, he was a co-founder, President and CEO of IntraImmune Therapies, Inc., a biotechnology company which he sold to Abgenix, Inc. (Nasdaq:ABGX) in 2000. Prior to heading IntraImmune, he was founder and principal manager of several successful early stage biotech companies in the Boston area. Throughout his career, Dana has been engaged in the strategic planning, product management, technology acquisition and commercial development of biotech startups. A founding director of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, Inc., Dana is a frequent spokesperson for the biotechnology industry. He has authored a number of scientific articles and edited the book, “The Business of Biotechnology—From the Bench to the Street.” Dana received his AM and PhD in Biology from Harvard University and his AB in Earth & Planetary Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University.

 Dr. Yuly Fuentes-Medel, PhD

Yuly is a Chilean neuroscientist, 13 years studying in MA, postdoctoral associate at MIT Sloan School of Management studying the economics of life science innovation. She completed her PhD in Biomedical Science at UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA and developed her thesis work in a collaboration project between Dr. Vivian Budnik and Dr. Marc Freeman within the neurobiology department. Her research area focused on how glial cells contribute to the formation and growth of synapses at the Drosophila NMJ. During her time as a PhD student she pioneered the co-organization of the international workshop called “Small Brains Big Ideas” Biomedical insights from vertebrate neuroscience research, held in Santiago, Chile, in 2010. This initiative successfully trained sixty Latin-American students in the application of genetic model system. Prior to her PhD, she moved to the EEUU to complete her Biochemistry Masters degree in the laboratory of Paul Gardner at the Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Institute, at UMASS. She has a biochemistry ungraduate degree from University of Concepción, Chile. Yuly is energetically involved in fostering scientific interest and careers in the science. She is an active member of Women Enterpreneurs in Science and Technology. Currently Executive director of DeScience and Founder of Value of Science, a company that aims to make science tangible.

 Dr. Eric Baehrecke

Research in the Baehrecke laboratory focuses on the molecular and genetic mechanisms that regulate cell survival and death in development and disease models, and specializes in understanding the role of autophagy in neurodegeneration and cancer. Eric received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin. He was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Postdoctoral Fellow of the Life Sciences Research Foundation at the University of Utah. He joined the University of Maryland as an Assistant Professor in 1995, and moved to the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2007 where he is a Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Cancer Biology. He has received the Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholar Award, is Co-editor-in Chief of Cell Death and Disease, and is a member of the editorial  boards of several journals, including Current Biology, Cell Death and Differentiation, Autophagy, and Molecular and Cellular Oncology.

Tomas Niklitschek, Kinostics SpA – Zentynel Ltda.

CEO of Kinostics SpA, a Chilean biotech start-up working on the area of biomarkers and kidney diseases. He also collaborates with Zentynel Ltda, a boutique consulting firm that connects smart money with biotech entrepreneurs. Tomas is a Bio-process Engineer with a master degree in Bioscience Enterprises from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Agenda: Workshop ANIP: “Opening Pathways to Chilean Science. (ABRIENDO CAMINOS PARA LA CIENCIA EN CHILE)”

Horario Speaker Title
14:00 – 14:30 Inscripción y recepción
14:30- 14:40 Tomas Niklitschek, Kinostics SpA – Zentynel Ltda. Welcome words
14:40 – 15:00 Directiva ANIP What is ANIP and it vision to Chilean Science.
15:00- 15:15 Dra. Nancy Levy, BioHealth Management, LLC MA Life Science ecosystem & Academic Entrepreneurship
15:15 15:30 Dr. Dana Ono, VIMAC Milestone Medica Fund LP “Random Walk Through the World of Life Sciences”
15:30 15:45 Dr. Eric Baehrecke, UMASS Medical School Model systems an academic journey
15:45-16:00 Dra. Yuly Fuentes-Medel, MIT, Executive Director DESCIENCE Chile-MA-Chile, Science has many dimensions
16;00 16:30 Panel discussion Q & A directed by Tomas Niklitschek
16:30 16:50 Break
16:50-17:20 Lauren Celano
CEO & Founder Propel Careers
On hand workshop  “The art of trasnferable skills,Preparing your CVfor academic and biotech jobs”
17;20 17:50 Small groups meeting with panelist One on one questions with each panelist
17:50  18:00 Closing remarks Tomas Niklitschek



Quieres sacarle el jugo a la sesión ONE to ONE del Workshop de mañana?

Prepara tu ELEVATOR SPEECH (en ingles) y los presentadores estarán distribuidos con pequeños grupos, para ayudarte a mejorarlo y hacerlo más efectivo.

Que es un ELEVATOR SPEECH, es una presentación de tu persona, corta y efectiva (30 segundos a 1 minuto), capaz de llamar la atención, ya sea, de un inversionista, un alto ejecutivo o un Investigador principal de una gran universidad. La idea es que puedas aprovechar períodos de tiempo tan cortos como los que se demora un ascensor en subir 10 pisos, o una fila en el coffe break de un evento mientras esperas por un café.

Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos y datos útiles para preparar el tuyo.

Suerte y nos vemos el miercoles 15 de enero 2014!!!

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